music usage

Our music is part of YouTube’s Content ID system. This means, if YouTube discovers any of our music in a video other than the ones permitted, they'll issue a copyright claim notice (not a strike) automatically.

When we/rights holders place a copyright claim on your video, it can still be viewed worldwide (depending on the song used) and is not a strike against your channel, which means you can’t earn money from that video, which features one of our songs.

Feel free to contact us (by scrolling down), and we'll check your video out; we cannot guarantee the claim will be withdrawn. Why? We use Content ID to track where our content is used, so we're aware of the usage context and if the uploader gave credit in the video's description. *You may have credited us in the video description; however - you'll still receive a copyright claim notice as we have not given written permission for you to use our music. It is at our discretion if we remove the claim.

Occasionally, a manual copyright request will be sent out, these are usually done when you haven't given credit, and the video isn't claimed. *These requests will lead to a copyright strike; please contact us immediately when the credit has been added to the video description.

Video Usage

No part of Pythona Audio's video content & material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without our written permission. Copyright Takedowns will be issued without notice if our content is discovered without written consent.